Jee Juh’s Picture Contest (September 2011)

by Jee Juh Productions on September 2, 2011

September Contest Winners!

1st Place

Won $120 Cash

By Houssem Addadi

2nd Place (2 way tie)

Won $60 in Jee Juh Credit

By Thiha Win

By Sulaiman Adams

3rd Place (3 way tie)

Won $30 in Jee Juh Credit

Both By Chris Yung Cero Sanchez

By Scott Johnson

By Kwon Kwon

Spetember Contest – Picture With the Words “Jee Juh”

Submit a picture to us with the words “Jee Juh” or “” to be entered into the September

How to submit your picture:

Submit your picture by posting it onto our Facebook page wall:

(If you do not use facebook, you can submit it by email here:

Picture Ideas:

It can be a picture you take with a camera, or an image you create in photoshop.
You could also write Jee Juh somewhere, be wearing something that says Jee Juh, make an original
Jee Juh graphic, or even have a picture of yourself somewhere with your laptop or phone and loaded in the browser.

Contest Rules

  • The picture must include “Jee Juh” or “”.
  • You must submit the picture before October 1st.

Contest Prizes

  • 1st Place: $120 Cash
  • 2nd Place: $60 in Jee Juh Credit
  • 3rd Place: $30 in Jee Juh Credit
  • *Cash prizes can be sent through paypal or check.

Additional Info

Can I get a Jee Juh tattoo?


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