Master E – Featured Hip Hop Artist

by Mike Lightner on June 6, 2014

DSC_4781Born into a family of musicians, Master E always knew music was his calling. His father was a violin player and his sister was a pianist. At a young age, Master E began playing the flute, piano, and melodica. Knowing that music was his passion, Master E pursued music full time after finishing college.

Not your average rapper, Master E is here to change the game. Master E puts an emphasis on raw, poetic storytelling. His dense, percussive mixes puts him in a class of his own. He is not afraid to tackle subjects such as self -empowerment, love, and motivation from a philosophical standpoint. Master E wants to use his artistic diversity to change the current state of hip-hop. I am here to take hip-hop back to where it started (the art of storytelling), and create songs that speak to the heart & soul, he states.

Confident with where he is as a man and an artist, Master E is focused on creating songs for fans of the music he grew up loving. He is here to show the world how diverse rap can be, My music is R&B and hip-hop, with cool vibes you can sit back and relax with or have a nice time at the club dancing to it, consider it new jack swing II. Master E is destined to become one of the music industry’s brightest stars, and one of the finest emcees to ever step foot into hip-hop’s arena.

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