Featured Producer: Dreambeatz Music

by Mike Lightner on July 29, 2014


Dreambeatz Music is a music production team founded in 2005 that helps amateur or professional singers, rappers and songwriters to access to high quality music productions online for their project. We have been producing for many artists worldwide such as Grammy Award nominee Al Walser.

When was DREAMBEATZ MUSIC started and by whom?

Dreambeatz Music started in 2005 and was originally created by me Stephane (aka Burningstarz or Dyna) and Alexander Mo’Bless in 2005 in Paris. Now it’s based in NYC.

What makes DREAMBEATZ MUSIC different from other buyout music?

We are not limited to one style of music. Usually our competitors produce hiphop/rnb exclusively and you can also find a couple of electro pop beats. Or maybe they only produce pop beats. We propose everything from HipHop to EDM. Selling beats online is a very lucrative business, so now everybody is a producer and make beats. But making beats is only 1/3 of the whole thing and most of the new producers are not into the business side. Dreambeatz is a brand which mean we have to be on point at every aspect of business: relationship with clients, website experience, new services for our customers, quality over quantity…

Where are you located, and how can customers can reach you?

We are located in New York City. Customers and recording studio can reach us directly on the website: email and chat. Tell us about the “licensing” service that you offer. You have the choice to lease a beat or to get an exclusive license for it. It depends of the type of project people are working on. When they work on a mixtape, they just lease beats, but for an album or single they usually prefer to go for an exclusive license that allows them unlimited sales and they are the only one to own the track.

Please tell us about your clients.

They come from everywhere, this is what I like about internet. US, UK, Canada, Denmark, France, Africa, Russia, Brazil or even Japan. They buy beats on the website and sometimes get in contact with us when they want us to assist them in their project. We have a lot of independent artists who are just trying to get their music out there and ready to invest in their career.

How can people reach you for business proposals?

Visit www.dreambeatz.com and send us a message.

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