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Mixing & Mastering Explained



Mixing is the process of putting multiple layers of audio together to make one final track, or to musically modify an existing track. When it comes to your songs, this means using compression, equalization, balance, filters, effects and audio augmentation to modify your vocals to meet the industry standard.
Mastering means putting the extra polish on your project in preparation on for replication factory requirments or record label security concerns. Mastering is adding sparkle & shine to your music. It gives your project that extra "umph".

Why Does My Project Need Mixing & Mastering?

Professional Sound

Fresh Ears

A Professional Sound: Mixing & Mastering gives your music the professional commercial quality necessary to compete nationally and globally. It doesn't matter if your audio is planned for radio, CD/cassette duplication, or publishing to the internet, it must be mixed & mastered to reach its potential and take full advantage of the media in which it is to be released.
A Fresh Pair Of Ears: After working on music for years, mixing & mastering engineers develop an accurate sense of audio & musical knowledge that is key to creating a successful mix. It is also a huge benefit that the audio engineer working on your project wasn't there when you recorded your songs. Hearing your songs for the first time, a fresh pair of ears can offer truly objective advice and help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer bulk discounts on multiple songs or entire albums?

Yes, we offer special discounts that are automatically applied if you select 2 or more songs.

Do I have to use songs with Jee Juh beats?

No, you can use any beat made by anyone.

Can I send you pro tools session files?

Yes, we can work with any protools session files from protools 8 and up. If you send over the session files it is likely that we wont have some of the plug ins you have. In this case we will take all the plug ins off and start from scratch.

How do I send the files?

After purchase you will be able to upload all of your files directly to the Jee Juh server.

Am I going to sound like on the radio?

We will do everything we can to make you sound radio ready. The better your audio is recorded, the better chance we have to make a radio ready mix. Your vocals should have no echoes, delays, or distortion. Try not to record in a bathroom, have your vocals as dry as possible with little to no reverb or echo.

Can you mix instrument tracks as well as vocal tracks?

Yes, as long as it is within the package track limit.

Do you offer vocal tuning?

Yes, you can request vocal tuning when you are uploading your files.

How long do you store audio files for?

We will store any of your audio files for 60 days.