Jee Juh Producer Tryouts 2014

by Mike Lightner on October 1, 2014

Jee Juh Producer Tryouts – Best Beat Wins

Winner Gets To Join The Jee Juh Team

This contest is 100% free to enter… Contestants will make a video with any of their beats and upload it to YouTube, the producer who submits the best beat by October 31st 2014 will win a spot on the Jee Juh team and be able to sell their beats on Imagine making as much money as a full time job from just selling your beats online and being apart of the Jee Juh crew as we rise to the top of the music game. Bring your best beats, the time to take action and seize this opportunity is now! Maximum of 4 entries per contestant. We also recommend putting 4 beats into one video and showing off your production diversity, this really helps us because we plan on getting a lot of submissions!

Make sure to connect with us on Twitter and Instagram during the tryouts by using the hashtag #jeejuh in all your pictures and posts. We will be featuring aspiring producers on our Facebook page and Instagram!!

How to enter the contest:

1. Subscribe to Jee Juh’s YouTube Channel – Click Here to go to JeeJuhTV

2. Make a video with your best beat and upload it to YouTube – Click Here to Go to YouTube

3. You must include “Jee Juh Tryouts” in your video title so we can find your entry.

4. Click the Share Buttons (Like, Tweet, Google+) on the left side of this contest page. Tell your friends about the producer tryouts!!

Contest Rules —-IMPORTANT—–

  • The video must be uploaded to YouTube between Oct 1st 2014 and Oct 31st
  • The video title must include “ Tryouts” or “Jee Juh Tryouts”
  • The video description must include “”
  • The beat must be made by you and you must have complete rights to all the audio used in the beat (no samples).
  • The video must be unique and not used for any other contest.
  • Maximum of 4 entries per contestant.


This is not a popularity contest. The panel of judges for this contest will be the current team of Jee Juh producers:

    • Elliot Waite
    • Mike Lightner
    • Dov Rohan
    • Francis Le Vesta
    • Epistra
    • Apollo V
    • Corbett

Beats will be judged by the following criteria: clean mix, composition, creativity, quality, and if we think the Jee Juh fans will love it. Winners will be announced on November 10th, 2014 on Jee Juh’s Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Contest Prizes

  • 1st Place: Spot on the Jee Juh team
  • 2nd Place: Shout out on Jee Juh’s Facebook and Twitter
  • 3rd Place: Shout out on Jee Juh’s Facebook and Twitter


Does the quality of the video matter? – NO

Can the video be just an image? – YES

Can I use a beat that I already sold? – YES

Can I submit more than one beat? – YES

Can I submit a beat with a hook? – YES

Can I make a mix of multiple beats? – YES

Are you looking for a specific style of beats? – NO

You can use any beat as long as you still have the rights to distribute it.

YouTube video titles must include “ Tryouts” or “Jee Juh Tryouts” in order to qualify.

IMPORTANT! By participating in this contest you authorize to use your video to promote our business. Contest starts 10/1/14 and ends 10/31/14, 10PM PST.

Winners will be announced on our Blog, Facebook, and Twitter on November 10th 2014.

Good Luck!

Mike Lightner
Jee Juh Productions


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