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ZXHAGI  by Mike Lightner
73 bpm
64 likes, 13 dislikes
Beat Title
ZXHAGI Mike Lightner
73 4:15
Run Run Mike Lightner
70 3:33
Stash Mike Lightner
65 3:34
Lambo Mike Lightner
65 3:32
Roll Ups Mike Lightner
70 3:19
Devils Away Mike Lightner
70 3:19
Transition Mike Lightner
70 4:10
Yolo County Mike Lightner
75 3:31
Rise and Shine Mike Lightner
120 3:48
Mean Money Mike Lightner
70 4:38
Bring the Heat Mike Lightner
80.6 3:14
What I Am Mike Lightner
75 3:31
In the Wirez Mike Lightner
120 4:02
It Rite There Mike Lightner
62 3:10
16 Days Mike Lightner
70 3:15
Lost at Sea Mike Lightner
60 3:37
Vacation Mike Lightner
70 3:46
Blasted Falling Mike Lightner
63 3:05
CIA Killa Mike Lightner
100 3:17
Imagine Mike Lightner
90 3:39
Giants Mike Lightner
118 3:17
Till I Die Mike Lightner
70 3:19
Little Cells Mike Lightner
70 4:24
Gamer Mike Lightner
70 3:27
Chill Out Mike Lightner
95 4:08
Somethin Else Mike Lightner
128 4:06
Out of Here Mike Lightner
80 4:05
Cant Make You Mike Lightner
53 4:50
6 Years Mike Lightner
95 3:06
I Party Mike Lightner
120 4:04 SOLD      
Sound Creation Mike Lightner
62 3:07 SOLD      
Continue Back Mike Lightner
88 4:46 SOLD      
Be Water My Friend Elliot Waite
109 3:18 SOLD      
Street Life Francis Le Vesta
92 3:02 SOLD      
On a Mission Mike Lightner
85 3:26 SOLD      
Swamp Walk Mike Lightner
60 4:32 SOLD      
Makin Changes Mike Lightner
87 3:42 SOLD      
Bro House Mike Lightner
105 3:12 SOLD      
Hyper Drive Mike Lightner
82.5 4:06 SOLD      
We Back Mike Lightner
110 2:42 SOLD      
No Worries Mike Lightner
120 4:22 SOLD      
Sad Times Mike Lightner
60 3:19 SOLD      
Stomach Nervousness Dov Rohan
110 3:40 SOLD      
Tribal Mike Lightner
87.5 2:14 SOLD      
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About Us

Mike Lightner

Michael Oliver Lightner is an American music producer, composer, and internet entrepreneur. Mike produces a variety of music, particularly hip hop, electronic, acoustic, and R&B. Mike co-founded and is currently the co-CEO of Jee Juh with long term friend Elliot Waite.

Mike grew up in Santa Cruz, California where he attended a small performing arts school. Mike got involved with freestyling, beat boxing, and making beats during his freshman and sophomore years of high school. He also began creating websites during this time and learning about search engines, web design, and computer programming.

Mike pursued music and digital production in college but dropped out in order to make beats and work on Jee Juh full time.

DAWs: FL Studio, Pro Tools 9, Reason

Equipment: PC Workstation, Midi Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, M Audio Studio Monitors, Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones, Microphone

Biggest Influences: Nine Inch Nails, Michael Jackson, Dr Dre, Beasty Boys, Timbaland, Scott Storch, My Dad, House of Pain, Neptunes, Lil Wayne, Tupac, 50 Cent, Bob Marley, Ramayana

Elliot Waite

Elliot Neil Waite is an American music producer and internet entrepreneur. His genres include hip hop, R&B, pop, and electronic music. Elliot co-founded and is currently the co-CEO of Jee Juh with long term friend Mike Lightner.

Elliot grew up in Santa Cruz, CA, playing drums in a rock band. In high school he started experimenting with digital production, and a new passion for hip hop encouraged him to produce his own original beats and record songs. He continued to explore music production, taking classes in digital recording and music theory, while pursing an undergraduate degree in engineering. Academics, though, were a distraction from his true passion for music, and he left college to pursue music full time. He moved to LA and started working as a mixing engineer in a recording studio. Then in 2006 he founded JeeJuh.com with Mike Lightner, and has been producing instrumental music for artists worldwide ever since.

DAWs: Ableton Live 9, Pro Tools 11

Equipment: Motif ES8, Roland V-Drums TD-20SX, Roland SPD-20, NI Maschine, Sony PCM-D1 Mic, Mackie HR824 Monitors, Mac Pro 12-Core

Biggest Influences: Dr Dre, Scott Storch, Timbaland, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Will.i.am, Stargate, Radiohead, Deadmau5, Kaskade, Skrillex

Dov Rohan

Dov Francis Rohan is a record producer, composer, musician, and singer/songwriter. He plays the guitar, drums, bass, and piano. He currently works in the musical genres of rap, hip hop, pop, soft rock, and acoustic guitar.

Dov grew up in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. At an early age he was exposed to a variety of musical instruments and miscellaneous percussion and recorded music with his parents. In high school he played guitar and wrote original songs for the rock band he started with Mike and Elliot. Dov went on to college at Cal Poly, SLO, where he joined the a cappella group, Take It SLO, as the beat boxer. Graduating in 2006 with a BS in Physics, he moved to LA to pursue work in the music industry. He co-founded the music production company BHN Productions and began engineering and producing for artists such as Briana Evigan and Krayzie Bone. He also produced the first CD for Take It SLO in 2008. Dov joined the Jee Juh team in 2011.

DAWs: Pro Tools 11, Abelton Live 9

Equipment: Martin, Yamaha, Fernandez, and Civin Guitars. Dean Bass Guitar, Motif ES8, M-Audio BX5a Monitors, Behringer B-1 Mic, iMac, MacBook Pro, Mbox 2, Bose Headphones

Biggest Influences: Dr Dre, Eminem, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Michael Jackson, Hans Zimmer, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Coldplay, and Dave Matthews

Francis Le Vesta

Francis Le Vesta is a musician, songwriter, and producer. His genres include hip hop, pop, electronica, indie rock, and folk rock. He currently is working with some of the top artists in the music industry today.

Francis grew up in the mountains of Santa Cruz (with Dov, Elliot, and Mike) using sticks and stumps to make rhythms and groove patterns. After years of exploration and channeling the sonics through nature he found his true calling and moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. He has worked with artists and companies such as Sprite, MTV, FX, Pitbull, Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), D.M.C. (Run-D.M.C.), Curren$y, Krayzie Bone, and Bone Thugs just to name a few. Francis is thrilled to reconnect with his boys and be a part of the Jee Juh takeover.

DAWs: Pro Tools 11, Abelton Live 9

Equipment: Consoles, Compressors, Limiters, Mics, Drums, Guitars, Synths, Modules, Controllers, Keyboards

Biggest Influences: Dre, Pac, Snoop, Biggie, Em, Bone, Nas, Timbaland, Beatles, Queen, Prince, Michael Jackson, Skrillex


Epistra Beats is a musician, instrumental producer, composer, and somewhat of a singer. He creates/composes many different unique styles of music from Rock to Underground Hip-Hop sounds.

In the city of San Jose, California, Epistra embarked on his journey as a producer in October 2010, fueled to compose music to elicit emotion and to spark positivity and inspiration in his listeners. Although laboring for hours daily, he struggled to achieve his goal before encountering another producer, known as Dansonn. Dansonn too shared Epistra's desire to compose deep, emotional music, but was very successful in his productions. With Dansonn's tips and advice, Epistra waded further into music production, slowly understanding the factors that contribute to a solid beat . Meanwhile, Dansonn continues to produce his music, at levels some would deem unachievable. Epistra is slowly, but undoubtedly, developing his own style of music, that fans of all genres can relate with.

Two years now have passed, and Epistra has discovered a new production team known as "Jee Juh." With a great interest, he studied more and joined the hard working, dedicated team.

DAWs: Pro Tools 11, FL Studio

Equipment: PC & Macintosh, Mbox Mini 2, KRK Rokit 6's, Behringer B-1 Condensor Mic

Biggest Influences: Slantize, Dansonn, Anno Domini Beats, Life and Death Productions

Apollo V

My Life's Mission Statement: To produce the most sonically pleasing, uplifting, and inspirational music heard worldwide. As a child at the age of four, I set out to take on music in its purest form, from beating on the table at dinnertime to blowing notes through my father's trumpet. I was born in Orangeburg, SC on March 6th, 1990, a time and place where the African-American culture thrived. Growing up around musicians on my father's side of the family, I slowly developed a longing for musical genius and perfection. When I turned 7 years of age, my family and I moved to Lithonia, GA in hopes of fostering my father's dreams of becoming a music producer. This ultimately turned out to be a move for my benefit.

I plan to continue to embrace my God-given talents and share them with the world as long as I am here. I have a strong desire to constantly learn in order to broaden my worldly view of life. I am willing to work through any situation to get my desired results. Favorite Quote: Hold My Own. By this, I simply stress the point that I do not have to depend on anyone else to carry out my own duties. However, I am not self-centered, I support teamwork, and I appreciate constructive advice and criticism. I credit all of my past, present, and future ideas and success to God, for I am simply his instrument through which he spreads peace, harmony, and love.

Apollo V is a multi genre producer and also offers an array of dope trap beats at dopetrapbeats.com.

DAWs: FL Studio 11, Pro Tools 11

Equipment: Neumann TLM 103 mic, KRK Rokit 6 monitors, M-Audio KeyRig 49 Midi Controller, Sweetwater Creation Station Rack XT, Audiotechnica Headphones, Yamaha M08

Biggest Influences: God, Michael Jackson, Great Music