New Pro Tools Plug-in Antares Auto-Tune 5

by Elliot Waite on November 17, 2006

“So you can change the pitch if your voice sucks. But I don’t need that.” (Keeping the Faith, 2000)

*** UPDATE: The newest version of Auto-Tune is Auto-Tune Evo. ***

Although Auto-Tune can help if your voice sucks, even the best singers are using Auto-Tune to give their voice that edge. You can either use it subtly, or max out the knobs for that T Pain effect. In addition to singers, even rappers are using Auto-Tune when adding melodies to their choruses, and even parts of their verses. Due to its universal appeal, Anteres Auto-Tune has become the largest-selling audio plug-in of all time. And now with the new and improved Auto-Tune 5 there is even more reason to get it.

Automatic Mode:

Graphical Mode:

Key new features in Auto-Tune 5

  • Improved pitch detection algorithm
    Improvements in performance with marginal quality (noisy, poorly isolated, etc.) audio.

  • A sleek new interface
    A complete graphic redesign both easy on the eyes and logically group related controls for intuitive functionality.

  • Consolidated Pitch Tracking control
    The previously separate Automatic and Graphical Mode Tracking controls have been consolidated into a single control and relocated to the Options dialog for simplicity.

Automatic Mode Features

  • Humanize function
    For those concerned about pitch correction that is “too perfect,” the Humanize function allows you to set a fast retune speed for short notes, while still allowing natural variation in held notes, for results that are even more natural and realistic.

  • Realtime natural vibrato adjustment
    The new realtime Natural Vibrato function allows you to modify (either increasing or decreasing) the depth of any vibrato that is present in the original performance.

Graphical Mode Features

  • Larger Pitch Edit Display
    The Pitch Edit Display is now bigger. Lots bigger.

  • Sync to host transport (host dependent)
    For hosts that provide valid time information, Auto-Tune 5 will now maintain sync with the host program. Once you have tracked audio and created correction curves, you can move around in your track at will. No more having to always start playback at exactly the same location.

  • Selectable Clock Source:
    For hosts that do not provide valid time information, Auto-Tune 5′s clock display and selection functions let you use an internal time reference for Auto-Tune 4 style operation.

  • Realtime pitch tracking display
    During the Track Pitch process, the graphic representation of the pitch and envelope will be displayed in realtime as the audio plays.

  • Full-time correction mode (host dependent)
    Whenever Auto-Tune 5 is not specifically tracking audio, Auto-Tune 5 will be operating in correction mode. There is no longer any need to press a “Correct Pitch” button. Besides being convenient, that makes possible the following feature:

  • Multiple simultaneous Graphical Mode instances (host dependent)
    You can now have multiple instances of Auto-Tune Graphical Mode operating on different tracks simultaneously, even if their windows are not open. In previous versions, since you had to have plug-in windows open to engage Correct Pitch mode, only open instances could be active. No longer.

  • Editing functions no longer modal
    You can now use all of the graphical editing features while Auto-Tune 5 is either tracking or correcting pitch.

  • Enhanced Envelope Display functionality
    We’ve made changes to the Envelope Display to make it much more useful for quick and easy navigation around your audio:

  • Realtime graphical vibrato depth adjustment
    The Adjust Vibrato control allows you to modify the depth of vibrato in your audio while preserving the contour of the original vibrato. Moving this control results in a real-time graphical representation of the resulting vibrato contour.

  • Dedicated Snap To Note button
    When using the Line Tool, clicking this button constrains the tool to exact scale notes.

  • Dedicated Clear All Data function
    Provides a convenient method to instantly clear all saved tracked audio and correction curve data.

  • Compatibility with Pen Tablet Input
    With a pen tablet, you can control Auto-Tune 5′s graphical tools (as well as all the other controls) using a familiar pen-style input device. A pen tablet can offer increased drawing accuracy with less wrist stress in long sessions.

Anteres Auto-Tune 5
Mac & PC Native: $399
Mac & PC TDM+Native: $649

Links: Antares, Auto-Tune 5

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