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Mixing & Mastering Summed Up

Mixing summed up means the process of compression, equilization, balance, filters, effects and audio augmentation to modify your vocals to meet the industry standard.

Mastering summed up means putting the polish on your project in preparation for replication factory requirments or record label security concerns. It gives your project that extra "umph".

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Silver Gold Platinum
EP Pkg. (5-7 songs) $44.99 79.99 249.99
LP Pkg. (8-12 songs) $39.99 74.99 224.99

* bulk pricing is listed PER SONG.

+ Add $9.99 for radio edit version per song

+ Add $9.99 for additional revision per song (maximum 2)

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Upload Your Tracks to Our Server

Upload your vocal tracks (each stem starting from 0:00 with labels, i.e. "Intro", "Verse 1")

Upload your MP3, 16bit wav, or 24bit wav file of your leased Jee Juh beat.

For any questions, watch the video tutorial explaining this process (COMING SOON!).

More Details: Equipment

Silver and Gold packages: Univeral Audio Apollo, KRK E8T's, NS10's, Adam A7's

Platinum package: Your project will be mixed and mastered on a world-class consol.
After your project is completed we will send you a sample and you will have a 1 time option for revisions.

After a project is mixed down to two tracks (or to a DAT), we take it over to our mastering desk and master it there with our SADiE Disk Editor and Master Pack instead of shipping the project to Nashville or New York. When you have your project Mastered, it brings it up to par with everyone else. With this package your project will be taken to the level that only a very few studios can provide.

Sadie Series 5 Disk Editor


The SADiE Series 5 hardware platform meets the demand for more powerful high-speed processing of today's high-resolution audio formats up to 192kHz/24-bit. Our SADiE PCM8M system runs the full SADiE Series 5 software. The Master Pack offers the Red Book Mastering option which also includes CD Pre-Mastering to DDP/CDR with ISRC and UPC/EAN Codes, Mastering Limiter, Hi-Dither, PQ Editing & List Printing, etc.

SADiE Breakout Unit
8 inputs & 8 outputs
AIFF, WAV, BWF file support
sample accurate waveform editing
multitrack editing with 50 undo levels
Alesis MasterLink ML-9600

Manley Stereo Gear

Variable-MU Limiter Compressor
Massive Passive 4-Band Parametric Equalizer

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